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About ANW

Anchor Neural World Foundation is founded in Japan, Tokyo, and it’s primarily responsible for the development of the ANW engine, which will power AI-based solutions to the different businesses that Anchor Value Inc. has invested in. The Foundation has also issued “ANW”, the ecosystem token which will be used as a utility and even governance token and will be later covered in detail in the whitepaper.

The AI-based engine will be established to cater to high-tech required businesses such as learning management, asset management, and in the future game platform and other industries as well.

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Focused Industries

AI & Blockchain

ANW foundation will aim to use the blockchain technology for the following reasons

  • (1) Store data inferred and gathered by AI and register and secure it on the blockchain
  • (2) Use the ANW token as the main currency in the ANW ecosystem
  • (3) Provide the ANW wallet as the critical link between the blockchain and the ANW ecosystem
  • (4) Utilize ANW token for Governance and Policy Making

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