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About US

Anchor Neural World Foundation was founded in Japan, Tokyo, and it is primarily responsible for the development of the ANW engine, which powers AI-based solutions to the businesses that Anchor Value Inc. has invested in. The foundation has also issued “ANW”, the ecosystem token which will be used as a utilityforgovernance which will be later covered in detail in the whitepaper.

The AI-based engine will be established to cater to businesses that require high-tech such as learning management, asset management, and in the future, other industries such as games and entertainment.



ANW will initially focus on the development of the AI engine, AI-based learning management, asset management, and other services in which the AI engine can be plugged in.

  • 1) AI Engine Development
  • 2) AI-based Learning Management
  • 3) AI-based Asset Management Service
  • 4) AI-based Game Platform (To be)

Core Team

Anchor Neural World received initial investment from ANVA.INC(Anchor Value), a Tokyo based company.
With constant synergy building as its base, along with cooperating with various partners ANW will continue to collaborate
with ANVA with different family companies and companies that ANVA are vested in through proper governance and policy.


ANW believes in collaboration and ecosystem builders that will help bring synergy. ANW advisors consist of industry leaders from various financial sectors and other industries with reputable global experience in their respective fields.

Masahisa Shin: Chief Advisor, CEO of Tokyo Environment and Biology Lab.,Co., Professor at Hiroshima University, Ph.D. at Tokyo University
Antony Wong, Legal Advisor: Partner at Hastings & Co. (Hong Kong), Founder of Chan Wong & Lam Co.
Wanjun Tang, Advisor, Founder & CEO of TDC Capital Management, Former Senior Investment Management Officer at Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd and Producer at Shenzhen TV, Sun Yat-sen University
Jaewoong Wang, Advisor for Japanese Operations, CEO of Rainbow Bridge Japan, Former Director at KOTRA Japan