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ANW Foundation is aspiring to use its ANW engine to expand into future high-tech industries to generate more significant social benefits. To reach this end, many plans are being made to combine decentralized blockchain technology by the use of the ANW token as a utility in the ecosystem and securing the relevant data in the distributed ledger.

Also, by providing an “application program interface (API)” for the ANW engine to third-party companies, expansion across industries and viable applications for the ANW engine will be possible.


Natural Language Processing:
An engine that processes large amounts of human language data enabling instant interpretation of the input

Context Recognition:
A process that identifies real-time contextual situations between human using sensory data and pattern recognition

Quantamental Asset Allocation:
An AI-based algorithm in line with both quantitative and fundamental investing principles to maximize profits

Utilizing Blockchain

The ANW foundation will aim to use the blockchain technology
for the following reasons:

  • (1) Store data inferred and gathered by AI and register
    and secure it on the blockchain
  • (2) Use the ANW token as the main currency
    in the ANW ecosystem
  • (3) Provide the ANW wallet as the critical link between
    the blockchain and the ANW ecosystem
  • (4) Utilize ANW token for Governance and Policy-Making

AI and

The data that is produced by the ANW AI Engine
will be hashed and then recorded on the blockchain
for safe keeping and will expect the following benefits:

  • (1) Recording the transaction on the blockchain will
    address the issues of a centralized database system.
  • (2) The user will gain confidence and trust by the published
    results of data inference -> solution -> logic result by the AI.
    Blockchain will secure the data because of the immutability
    nature of the distributed ledger.
  • (3) The ANW Token, a cryptopcurrency, will be used as a method
    of payment for the various services of the ANW ecosystem.